This website is dedicated to deliver you with news, information and material related to the visualcube1e3 device, a unique volumetric color display. The display is designed of a thousand light emitting diodes, equidistantly arranged in a cubical frame with an edge length of 275 centimeters, easily controllable via wireless LAN.

Whatever question you may have concerning visualcube1e3, don’t hesitate to ask by commenting here, or by using the contact form on the about page.

Have fun.

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Yet another GPN in 2015!

For this year’s Chaos Computer Club Karlsruhe‘s programming night GulaschProgrammierNacht15 the cube is going to be installed at the usual place. The event is taking place at the ZKM building and will last from June 4 till 6.

Instructions on how to write your own effects are now given on the Software page. We have updated the VisualCube library to work with PROCESSING 3.0a9. Sources have been moved to a github project to simplify future development and versioning. Download links have been repaired and are now hosted on the github page.

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GPN14 @ HfG Karlsruhe

After the great feedback in the last year, the cube was present again on Chaos Computer Club Karlsruhe‘s annual programming night GulaschProgrammierNacht14, taking place from June 19th till June 22th.

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c’t Hardware Hacks

The c’t Hardware Hacks magazine published an article about the VisualCube.


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GPN13 @ HfG Karlsruhe

GPN13, photo taken by Max Andre

The cube is going to be presented on Chaos Computer Club Karlsruhe‘s annual programming night GulaschProgrammierNacht13, taking place from May 30th till June 2nd. Attendees are invited to contribute animations for the device.

Press release

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VisualCube1e3 on Tour

Please contact us if you are interrested in renting the VisualCube1e3 for your exhibition, festival, party or other events. There are many visuals that can be present on this unique 3D display, also music-sensitive, interactive or customized animations are possible. This device is an eye catcher which will attract your customers, promised! Rental is restricted to central europe.

We’ll also accept offers from buyers who wan’t to purchase the VisualCube1e3.

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Oh Tannenbaum 2009 @ HfG Karlsruhe

The cube is going to be presented to visitors of the annual Christmas Tree ExhibitionOh Tannenbaum!” at HfG Karlsruhe. A collection of animations in the spirit of Christmas are planned to be displayed. The opening ceremony is taking place in Lichthof #3 and #4 of ZKM Karlsruhe on Wednesday, 2009-12-16 at 6pm. The exhibition will be open from 17th-21st of December daily from 10am to 7pm.

Take a look at 10 Geeky Christmas Trees to get an idea of what you could expect if some geeks had a go at it.

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Some issues of VisualCube1e3 Library for PROCESSING have been fixed in v1.1.1:

  • Missing gluegen-rt library on Linux systems
  • Bad font format in font loader kept simulator from running
  • Different versions for different OSs
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GPN8 @ HfG Karlsruhe

The cube is going to be presented on Chaos Computer Club Karlsruhe‘s annual programming night GulaschProgrammierNacht8, taking place from June 26th till 28th. Attendees are invited to contribute animations for the device.

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Scholarship received.

We are proud to announce that our project received one of biannually given scholarships by the MFG Foundation.

Press release
Project description (in German)

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