The cube’s interface is defined by XML-RPC calls. XML-RPC implementations are available for most languages and platforms, that means it is nearly platform-independent. Currently programmability for the VisualCube is mainly provided for the Java platform.

VisualCube API reference (pdf) (en)

Most people interested in creating animations for the cube come out of the arts sector. They don’t want to bother with Java or want to focus on design rather than code, or just unleash the power of PROCESSING’s many libraries, like reading unusual input devices, sound or video streams. The VisualCube programming library for PROCESSING follows in the footsteps of the PROCESSING API in terms of usability, notation and behavior.

VisualCube for PROCESSING API reference (pdf) (en)

The cheat sheet below gives you a all you need for writing PROCESSING sketches with the VisualCube library.

VisualCube for PROCESSING API cheat sheet (pdf) (en)