This web site is dedicated to deliver you with news, information and material related to the visualcube1e3 device, one of the world’s biggest volumetric color displays. The display is designed of a thousand light emitting diodes, equidistantly arranged in a cubical frame with an edge length of 275 centimeters, easily controllable via wireless LAN.

Like its little brother, which is connected via USB, it is programmable from PROCESSING as well as iTunes. Other audio-interfaces like PD or VXT plugin interfaces are planned as future implementations. PROCESSING is a simple Java-like scripting language developed at the MIT labs, making programming extremely simple for visual artists who want to make use of the device as a dynamic light sculpture. Furthermore, PROCESSING offers loads of plug-ins for other hardware, for example human-machine-interfaces like the famous Wii controller, allowing tons of possibilities for installations.

Hardware design and basic software framework programming was done in 2008.

Construction is taking place at the HfG Karlsruhe, the local university of arts and design. The construction part of our project is financially supported by a scholarship offered by the MFG Foundation. A workshop is planned for summer semester 2009 where students will be introduced to the visualcube’s PROCESSING API using a hands-on approach.


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